Dead ASUS A7M266-D + A7M266.. please help!

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I have just lost two boards in the past two days, at this point i am thinkin that I may have some kinda virus on my HD that has corrupted my BIOS, any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated, as i am sitting in the library right now! lol

last succesful boot was yesterday night. computer ran fine, nothin out of the ordinary. Then went to shutdown by mistake instead of log off of win XP proffesional, so i let the computer power down, then when i went to power back up... the board was totally dead, it had power, but no picture, HD's not spinning, no beeping, nothin! My initial thought, was "wow, I just blew up my CPU" so i swapped MB's and tried that same processor with the ASUS A7M266 instead of the dead A7M266-D. Well I powered it up, heard the hard drives kick on then saw the BIOS screen come up on the moniter, so at that point I assumed that the other MB's BIOS had some kind of virus, and immediatly unplugged the power. But then when I went to power back up, to LLF that HD, it had the exact same symptoms as the other board! No picture displayed to moniter, didn't hear the HD's booting up, no beeping or anything either, but the system fans and processer fan ran fine.

Anybody got any suggestions??? Is it possible to fix this without sending the boards back to Asus? Thanks for the help
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