#15032 by mediafish
Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:05 am
I tried updating the BIOS on my Intel D845PEBT2 board. Then I tried up change the logo using Intel's logo creation utility (makes a .USR file from a .BMP). After I did that, the system locked up. So, after a few minutes, I gave up and reset (nothing happened).

I followed Intel's instructions for using recovery mode (jumper change)with the BIOS upgrade disk. Everything went okay, got the 2 beeps, etc. as described.

After moving the jumper back to "normal" the system comes on, but won't boot. No floppy or video, nothing. Found one resource that suggests this is a symptom of a bad user data area or "ESCD block." But the BIOS recovery has had no effect.

Did I fry my motherboard? HELP!