dead mother board:(

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could some one please help me,
i have tried to fix a friends laptop dual technolgy model g3lmva-6600
the problem is the they had xp on it and wanted 98se back on again......
that was easy to do but the went on holiday and forgot there bios password......(trouble) so in my wisdom i took the battery out and replace it now the problem is the the laptop gives me and error and wont boot at all.first it does a check sum error the it says the time and date are wrong..
so please help i the it is looking software to set the time and date ..i dont know what the bios is as i can't get into it and award or ami bios
the web sight for the loaptop is down so could some one steer me in the direction of the drivers and bios update etc thanx in advance
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I couldn't find anything on that model. Try asking at the Orphaned Laptops website.
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It's the MVA 6600. Would this describe your laptop? ... ct/mva.htm

The only BIOS downloads I know for it are: ... /Bios6600/

In addition, that laptop was sold as "Puma", too.
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