#31288 by smokinkane
Fri Apr 22, 2005 3:51 pm
I have an ECS L7VMM2 motherboard which had bios revision 3.0a on it, and I accidentally flashed it to verision to bios revision 1.1, now the computer only turns on with a black screen. I have tried the following:

Clearing the cmos
can't hot swap, bios chip soldered
floppy drive doesn't light

the only success I have had is by shorting 2-3 pins on the bios chip and then the floppy drive is read for like 4 seconds then stops. I don't think it really looks at the files on the disk because by matter what disk I put in the drive, it makes exactly the same reading noises. Also I get no beeps at all from the bios, but the board only has an onboard speaker, so I'm assuming it doesn't work with the corrupted bios. So, I am going to hook up a external speaker to the header tonight.

I have a floppy disk with the award flash utility, an autoexec file to the bios, and was created using the Driver Free Disk For Bios Flashing from bootdisk.org. Any help would be greatly appreciated!