Error Message : Insufficient Memory, while updating the BIOS

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I have an old Motherboard Biostar P4m890 M7 TE, i failed the bios update, so when i turn on the computer it says CMOS checksum error. I flash the bios using Floppy disk drive, but when i flashing the bios, error message says Insufficient Memory.

So i move on and try to use this command for use less memory Awdflash /tiny biosname.bsb /sn/py/r
But next, it recognize the other problem,
Warning !
System was not new Award bios version! please update ROM BIOS first...

What should i do? i'm using Awdflash 7.22
Need all of your Advices :D thank you
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most likely you are using some sort of bootdisk that has emm386 loaded. Make sure you use a clean bootdisk, press F5 or F8 during booting and make sure there's no drivers and other stuff loaded before you try to flash.

And at least replace the CMOS battery (CR2032 coin cell) with a new one.

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