#42568 by Underwhelmed
Sat Dec 16, 2006 3:51 am
So, I have what I suspect is a fairly common story here... Tried to flash my BIOS to a new version, and when I rebooted it, my computer was dead. I have a Gigabyte K8-NS (Rev. 1.00), which uses an Award BIOS. Right now my computer is refusing to do anything besides give off continuous long beeps, and does not display any information to my monitor (AGP Video card). I have cleared the CMOS with no results, and getting a new BIOS chip/hot flashing is not an option, since my chip is soldered onto the mobo. I've tried to flash it from the boot block, but it does not seem to be working - is it possible the boot block itself is broken? Or is there some way I need to activate it? I have already looked on my Mobo's documentation, and there is nothing that addresses this.

Thank you.