#4588 by Buttbundy
Mon Jul 01, 2002 6:45 pm
Hi experts

(I hate the fact I need to post this message for some help, but one can't be expert in everything right?)

I just flashed a DELL GX1 and it told me it was succesfull. Logic, since flashing Dell Bios's is easy as 1-2-3 (thans for that DELL).
However, after pressing any key to reboot the mobo pretends to be dead.

Only the Mobo lights stays on, no booting from floppy to try a reflash.
I flashed from version A01 to A10 (must have been a shock for the motherboard? :roll: )

Some options I figured so far:
1. remove the battery to reset the CMOS settings to default (there are no jumpers to reset CMOS !! ), but the battery is so well attched I will probably damaged the motherboard.

-> do you think it will help at all? I read it on the badflash.org as a last try.
-> If a prg says the flash was OK, how can the bios be f*cked?

2. change the bios with an existing one. problem: it is a little PLCC chip.
I don't know if it is soldered to the board or not??

Is there any chance I can remove this without a PLCC-tool without destroying the board?

Is there any chance I can remove this with a PLCC-tool without destroying the board?

3. Any other suggestions?

specifications here: http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/systems/ban_gx1/specs.htm

DELL has good material, but I get frustrated over this one

Thanks in advance

If you want some help on windows/software I'm glad to help