#26789 by eddaweaver
Thu Jul 29, 2004 7:46 pm
I've got a TEKRAM P6L40-A4 motherboard. I wanted to update the Bios. The manual said on it P6L40-A4X, so I ended up flashing P6LAX109.BIN instead of P6LA4109.BIN, and now it's dead.

I've tried hot-swapping into an Asus A7V133-VM motherboard (it uses the SST39SF020A chip with the same pinout, size and voltage), but ran into some problems. Uniflash wouldn't recognise the chip (an SST29EE020 ). Awdflash wouldn't let me flash it complaining of not matching the motherboard model. Now I've read in the faq that I should use a " /Py " switch or something to force it? I was wondering whether it was worth attempting again, because the pins become bent something awful each time I try & I'm concerned about breaking something. Is it worth trying again, or will hot swapping into this motherboard simply never work?

The SST29EE020 chip is listed as being "10Ms Pulse Width", while the SST39SF020A chip is listed as being "10Us Pulse Width", is this a concern?

And if I should try again, what version of Awdflash should I use? This Bios image is from year2000. Would using the wrong version of Awdflash screw things up?

Thanks for any help :oops: