Flashed wrong BIOS

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Got a Shuttle HOT-541 Socket 7 motherboard, and I attempted a BIOS update. Unfortunately, the update went wrong.

BIOS link: https://download.shuttle.eu/Archive_2004/BIOS/541/

I think I attempted to flash the wrong version - namely 541wuq13.bin, and the update did not complete the last 2 blocks. Flash tool I used (from Shuttle update) gave me Warning: Program Chip Fail! message, and nothing else.

After reboot, black screen - no POST.

After the failed BIOS update, I read that if the flash tool shows an INTEL-flash-module, use the 541wuq10 BIOS update; however, the flash tool provided shows no INTEL module, or otherwise - so is a bit of a guess what BIOS image to use (I guessed, and it went wrong).

How can I attempt another flashing of the BIOS, using the motherboard -considering it doesn't boot anymore?
Do I have to use an EEPROM programmer to write the image on the BIOS chip?

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