#2950 by Lordstar
Tue May 28, 2002 8:51 pm
Hi all,

I've got a little problem: My last BIOS Update(AWARD) for my Epox 8KHA+ failed, so my system doesn't boot anymore.

But I thought, i could flash the BIOS again, putting a little "autoexec.bat" file on a 3,5' disc with an BIOS update on it. I tho 8O ugth that perhaps the system would recognize the file and start it. So I put a few lines into the file which looked like that:


And, surprise, surprise, my 3,5 disc drive seems to recognize the disc and
tries to start the programm. But why doesn't it work then?!
Can anybody help me?

**I think that I perhaps need an "old.bin" file for this restore func,
do anybody have a restore file for an EPOX 8KHA+ ?!**

Sorry for my bad language. I'm from germany. ;)