Gigabyte BX-2000

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I have a Gigabyte BX-2000 MB (AWARD) that I recently flashed the BIOS and now it won't boot at all. It has dual bios and if the main bios is corrupted the backup bios is supposed to automatically take over. Apparently both are corrupted. I removed all cards, harddrive, and CDROM cables and I get one long beep. When I install an ISA video card I get no beeps. I The floppy drive is dead. I tried an ISA floopy controller but still nothing. Is my motherboard totally dead? What else can I do?

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Well I would contact gigabyte..... Then think about contacting Bad Flash.

Just for grins try swapping the flash chips.
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The worst thing about the DualBIOS is that the chips are soldered on the boad in most cases... resulting in non-easy repair.
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well Gigabyte is good with customer support. All their mobos come with 3 year warranty. I am sure they will replace it for you if it cannot be fixed.
I had one WXM replaced last year after the sound chip failed .
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