#25666 by Punkpez
Tue May 25, 2004 6:06 am
So I know you're probably all sick of people who screw up their BIOS but here's the deal. I made the mistake of trusting Gigabyte that a BIOS update could be done within windows using their stupid utility. Now I have a Win Server 2003 dead and I need it to be working(the HW at least).

When I try to boot I get three beeps and then another beep that sounds like R2-D2 saying uh oh. No boot screen, it lights up the floppy drive but I can't boot off of anything. It's an AWARD bios and I found another board I had that has similar specs so I'm thinking of trying this hot swapping thing. When should I remove the good BIOS and put in the old one? I guess I would have to do it right before it tries to boot off the floppy or maybe after floppy boot up. If anyone knows any other things I might try please let me know, thanks