#23972 by ryan92084
Thu Feb 26, 2004 12:45 am
brand spanking new board and i broke the bios /cry

board is asus k8v deluxe the instructions blatently tell you to update the bios before doing anything else which i attempted and somehow failed

it gave me a message falshing failed then rebooted now when i attempt to restart i get 3 quick beeps a slight pause then another beep (all short) i get no video and the voice bios feature says cpu check failed but the problem lies within the bios

i've tried the included cd but it doesn't do anything i've removed the battery, used the jumper to reset cmos, and done both at once all to no avail

and i don't think it does a check for the floppy at bootup

also i can't find the dang bios chip to even try ordering a replacement

please help