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#58268 by guferr
Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:07 am
Hi, i have been here before to try to find the BIOS binary file for my motherboard, which BIOS is corrupted, and need to be flashed. After a living hell of more than one month until i could finally find the file (because the motherboard was a relabeled foxconn, and it didn't show the BIOS string, so i had to do visual comparations to identify it), i got it and got the awdflash as well. I put the file and the awdflash in a diskette, and booted it... everything was ok, until it showed me the message "Flash ROM is write protected, verify if write protect (WP) jumpers are either set or not". Since it gave me this message, i looked my entire motherboard, and everything i found was the TBL jumper, what would only prevent the overwriting of the bootblock, but not the overwriting of the rest. Notice that once my BIOS is corrupted, is absolutely impossible to boot anything else than a diskette, and i can't enter the BIOS setup. Looking again, i found three empty connections, where would be the WP jumper, so i tested it: i took a multimeter, and i checked that the middle pin was connected with the pin 8 of the BIOS chip slot (where the BIOS WP pin is connected to), and the other pins were one was connected to a positive 3.3v source and the other one was grounded, so changing the jumper position you can change the logical level on the BIOS WP pin. Ok, i tought it was it, everything was double-checked, so i tryed again and... NOTHING. It still is giving the write protected error. I tested again with the multimeter, to check if the logical levels were changing on the BIOS WP pin, and it was changing, but it still was giving that error. Do anyone have any idea of what to do? I'm considering take a EEPROM recorder and put the BIOS file on it to record this.
thanks by the attention.