#16769 by dreamweaver
Sun May 25, 2003 5:31 am
My mainboard :
BIOS : Licensed AWARD BIOS , 2 M bit FWM
( In my mainboard , it said Phoenix Bios D686 036493276 and it attached to mb , so I can't use Hot Swap or reflash service )
I've updated my BIOS use F**k UPDATE from GiGaByte . Now My motherboard seems dead . Please help me.
Led on MB on , but the HDD Led is always on . Seems it didn't recognize my IDE . But my Floopy Disc is detected but not anything is read .
I see in Internet that if I want recover an Award BIOS I must create a boot disk and put the original bios + flash utility on it , after that reset pc in order it can recover my bios .
But in my case , it's not has any sign prove that it's reading from floopy ?? It's detect HD, CDROM , FD but nothing happens ?????
I wait so long ..

Please advise me : whether an Award Bios has another way to recover except the floopy one ?
Should I create a bootable CDROM ? Whether my mainboard can boots from a boot rom of network card or an USB flash disk ?
Please , help me .
The picture :

( with a bios like this , perhap it can not take out ??? )