#13529 by Ray
Wed Feb 05, 2003 5:45 pm
I flashed the bios on my BCM QS440BX motherboard (award bios). I double-checked the version, etc. and the flashing process apparently completed successfully. On rebooting and entering setup, I entered setup, reset the bios to defaults, then changed a couple of settings (latency, boot order, and power management settings) to where they were before. On rebooting a 2nd time, the initial screen appears, indicating bios version (the updated # is shown), but nothing happens from there. No memory check, nothing.

So the question: Is it likely that the flash process actually went wrong? If so why could I get to setup once? Or, is it possible that by making some mistake in changing setup parameters that I can kill my machine?

Note: I have no jumper on the mobo to allow me to reset bios default values.