Help locating an bios chip for a MV035F motherboard

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Looking for a bios chip for a Win Technologies Co., LTD motherboard MV035F.

The bios is AMI Bios #BB01517

The chip is a 28 pin DIP socket. The chip numbers are as shown below:


The chip also includes the manufacturer's logo consisting of a white square with "ST" in it.
Chip country of origin is KOREA

AMI bios manufacturer number #2C4UKW01-00: ???

That is all I have in the way of information. The moutherboard is OK but the bios chip was damaged in removal. This is not a flashable chip to my knowledge. Would like to know if someone has a bios chip that can be copied for this motherboard or an idea as to where I can locate a supplier?

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I would guess that should be "27C512". This is a pretty standard EPROM part and almost any electronic component retailer should be able to find one. The -12F indicates that it's a 120 nanosecond access time part. The other issue is finding someone with an EPROM programmer to program the EPROM with the BIOS for you - have you located the BIOS file ? There are also people who will sell you a pre-programmed part - Google turns up, for example, though I have never tried them.
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If there are broken pins on the old EPROM chip, it might be possible to resolder them - either to use the chip or to read the BIOS from the chip and burn into a new one.
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