#16551 by Rorro
Sat May 17, 2003 6:58 am
I succesfully hotflashed using uniflash, ( resuts: all green, succesful, etc.) but the reprogramed chip din't work on the other mobo.

The flashin mobo: M7VKQ ( with Athlon 1500 and, Via VT something chips and Amic bios chip.
The dead mobo triying to revive: Amptron 9200 (M550?), with intel Triton and H.O something bios chip (Uniflash detects as Macronix MX281000p).
I had tu use the trick of puting 12V. on one pin, because this is a 12V chip and the board is only 5V.

The thin I'm triying to do, is posible?
Can this be done with parameter DUMP, or something, to start writting the chip at another locatiion, because of diferent type and brand CPU?

If it is not posible, could a Socket 1 or Socket PGA board do the job?

See you, and keep triying.