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Hello, I would like to know if is possible to flash a bad flashed BIOS on a different motherboard?
A friend with a ECS K7S5A (with AMI bios and chipset SIS735) tryed to flash it with K7S5A+ bios (Award bios and chipset SIS745) and then his PC didn't wake up anymore. On some forums it was said that it would work, so he did it.
We tried to make an hot flash on another motherboard (with intel 440LX chipset), with the 2 programs that came with the motherboard cd (one for AMI and other for Award), but we didn't manage to succed. After some put/removes of the BIOS chip, pin 17 broke (because we don't have that tool to take it of and use our fingers only). We soldered it but, now we don't know were the problem relies.
Now, after some research on the web I found the Uniflash program and I was thinking of using my motherboard (Tekram P6B40-A4X with intel440BX chipset and Winbond W29C020(C)/5V - identified by uniflash) to make the hot swap mtehot for flashing the bad flashed Bios.
Is it possible, or it is necessary a motherboard with the same chipset, rom type, or even the same motherboard model?

Hope to recover the ECS motherboard.

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It doesn't need the same mobo, but the motherboard chipset has to be capable of handling the size, "organisation" and programming voltage of the chip you're trying to program. For example, my PC-Chips and Vision Top Super Socket7 motherboards (and the dead Gigabyte) have 5V 1 Mbit (128 Kbyte) BIOS ROMs which are Winbond WC29010 or compatible and I have "hot swap" flashed in both of them. Uniflash is the most flexible flash utility I've come across. Really, as long as the programming voltage is the same you are unlikely to do any damage to the motherboard or the chip, so try it and see.
Note: As I understand it, the BIOS has to be the correct one for the BIOS chip, or the boot-block flash may not work in an emergency.
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