#33610 by alex2k4
Sat Sep 03, 2005 2:16 pm
I have a P2 at 400mhz and I bought a Western Digital 80Gb harddisk but it won't recognize it.I tried using the the tool from their site to trick it and it worked but whe i try to instal the O.S. it dosen't work.
Now I want to upgrade the bios but I'm a noob at this operation. Could anyone please tell me what to do? I mean what bios to put and where to take it from.
When it boots it shows the following:
Award Modular Bios v. 4.51PG , Energy Star Ally
V. 7BXAN_2 C01 01-28-1999

01/28/1999 - I440BX-W977TF-2A69KJ1CC-00