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#58819 by d845gebv2
Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:47 am
Hello every one,
I'm new on the forum, and i came here 'cos i have no more alternatives i can see.

My mobo is an intel d845gebv2, i updated succesfuly to p17 bios over windos xp...a month ago suddenly it did not boot any more.

I have been trying many possible solutions:
1- have a formated diskette with *.BI0 file on the floppy drive ...nothing happens, Drive reads something but no flash writing.

2- same as above, but with SW.exe inflated to floppy... same as before, trying to read, no flash writing.

3- renaming to *.rom...same result as 1.

4- Trying with uniflash, flashrom,iflash... with autoexec.bat file but it dont start to flash...happening from drive same as 1

5:- I'm pretty lost....i need help, please.