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I have an x86 intel motherboard and apparently there is no bios or cmos on this board, instead you need software that came with the board to change the settings, but I unfortunately have lost it. does anybody know where I could get this software?

thanks for helping

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So, you need a Setup disk for a very old PC? Do you have any idea of the model number?
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My pc isn't really that old actually. its a Pentium 11. I had a look at the motherboard and the only thing that looks like it could be a model number is: E139761.


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All PCs had a BIOS. Only the PC, XT and Junior did not have CMOS - they had a configuration switchpack which said how much RAM, how many (0-4) 5.25" diskette drives and what sort of display adaptor you had.. however, some PCs don't let you configure the CMOS from Ctrl-F1, Ctrl-Esc or whatever.

Does the motherboard start to boot ?
If so, does anything appear on the screen as it starts to boot ?
If so, what ?

Google search for E139761 gives a whole load of hits for Intel. A search at Intel says this is the Underwriters Labs (UL) Recognised Component No (File No) for Intel D850MD and Intel D850GB motherboards.
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Try pressing F2 or DEL at power up.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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