K7T turbo2 prob

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hi all, this is my prob -

This board was working fine for me for about 7 months then one day the Pc would not boot up. The problem is that the fans spin up but the screen stays blank and nothing else happens. I cleared the bios with the jumpers and then it booted up again. It worked for a month then i had to reset it again. After a while i had to start resetting the BIOS every time the computer was reset/shut down and needed to be turned back on. I changed the battery on the board which made no difference. I tryed the hardware in other PCs and it all worked. The LED diagnostic pannel shows "Assign all resource to ISAs" when the Pc wont boot up. I flashed the BIOS AFTER the problem started and it made no difference. Sometimes i need to reset the BIOS about 3 times before i can turn the PC on.

specs -
duron 1.3ghz
GF2 MX440
400W PSU AMD + P4 approved
old 52x CD rom drive
256MB RAM branded

just want to know if there is anything i can do before taking it back to the shop who will send it back to MSI for repairs :(
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I don't think so. I'd take it back to the shop ASAP.
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