K7VTA3 problem II

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I posted a message a couple of days ago to know more about my problem. I did what he told me to do ... the hot swapping thing and it works!! (with the old bios version that i had)
But now, my windows XP crash very badly ...
I tried these things :
- set optimized default in the bios
- set fail-safe default in the bios
- set by my own ... settings in the bios
- format hard disk and re-install winxp

After all these settings, it stills crash!!
What could it be the source of all these headaches??!!!

Thanks in advances
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- Does it crash with any other operating system ?
- Have you tried a RAM test program e.g goldmem ?
- Is your CPU temperature OK ?
- If you have more than one DIMM, have you tried one at a time ?
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