#47802 by kojot1234
Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:32 pm
Hello everyone,
Yesterday I have found a new bios for my board "F8L" supposedly it was uploaded by the Gigabyte support. However after performing the flash with @BIOS (Gigabyte in Windows flashing software) everything worked fine, it even said "Successful Update". After restart motherboard starts, but never shows POST. From what I understand the BACKUP BIOS takes over when the MAIN BIOS cannot start. But in my situation its doesn't. I have the correct bios on a floppy, but keyboard and floppy do not seems to work. I took apart everything having just the CPU, RAM and/or GPU but no response. Is there a way to force a boot from a BACKUP BIOS?(There is no jumper on the board from what I see) Any help? Ideas? If I RMA will I get a replacement? Thanks!