mother board is dead

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My new mother board ASUS MEW-AM socket 370 & intel 810e chipset with phoenix Bios & Processor used PIII 700Mhz/256k catche and SDRAM pc100 or 100Mhz 2x64 Mb is Dead. When power switch is pressed power led not glows, Key board led blinks once and there is no display or any speaker beeps. But power supply is ok, CPU fan working fine, all ATX voltages are tested with multi meter is normal. Changed ATX power supply also but on both ATX power supply same result. System seems to be dead. Bios Ic is Intels Firmware Hub 82802AB PLCC type & directly soldered to mother board. CMOS battery also checked ok and reseted the same. Kindly let me know weather this is Bios problem or any other hardware Problem. If it is Bios problem kindly inform how to recover or flash the Bios. At mother Board there is no jumper for Recover Mode.


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Is the CPU OK?
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