#37696 by swrdfsh
Thu Mar 23, 2006 5:48 am
this is my first time to flash a boot block bios error on my REDFOX M7NCD Nforce2 motherboard..i just download a flash file from redfox and also from biostar. the problem is the file in biostar is not accepted in my bios.so i use the flashfile from redfox. but the problem is after the file has been accepted and detected well in the awardflash bios program the motherboard won't display anymore boot block error or any error except for ONE LONG BEEP repeatedly so i try to change the memory,the processor and the agp video card and resetting the bios too..still the board beeps ONE LONG BEEP...is there any thing did i miss..or perhaps my mobo is dead???HELPPPPP!!!! :(

sorry for my english..english is not our native language...Thanks in advanced??