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I have a Asus TUSL2-C with a Celeron 1200 in it. It has worked fine since I got it last year. One week ago I installed Windows XP on it and everything was going well. Last night before we went to bed I decided to put it in "Suspend" mode instead of just turning it off. Upon power up this morning I got the following response:

1Long 1Long. The rest are short: hi lo, hi lo multiple-tone-chord, hi low hi low, long chord, repeats forever. Will not access floppy, HDD, no keyboard lights. No monitor. Started removing components: Video card, no change. Memory no change. CMOS battery, no change. Any ideas that you may have would be greatly appreciated otherwisw I will just try to get it a recording deal for being the first computer to compose its own music. Thanks.
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Try changing the power supply.
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