MSI 865PE Neo2 (MS-6728) motherboard not boot

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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I'have flashed my motherboard with a wrong bios (different type of motherboard 865 Neo2-PS bios) after it the motherboard is not booting.
I downloaded the right bios and copied to a disk as AMIBOOT.ROM and pressed CRTL-HOME and it starts read the floppy and after a little time it stops (floppy led also goes black).
I don't hear any beep (becouse no pc speaker in the box), but if I wait, it starts to read again the floppy.

If i restart, it also not boot.

What do i wrong? (except that to start upgrade the bios )

Pls, help!
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Use a freshly formatted floppy

Try different Biosversions - sometimes an older/newer version work
-> Try a copy of your previously installed version first !!
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