#7173 by Cam
Tue Aug 27, 2002 1:54 pm
I upgraded to the incorrect BIOS (confused Pro2 with Pro2A).

The incorrect version actually installed correctly, and it reported no errors. After installing the new BIOS and rebooting, the pc would just black screen. From what i understand this is typically what happens when flashing the incorrect bios.

After doing some reading (including the FAQ on this site), I came to the conclusion that if the BIOS was incorrect i have a couple of choices.
Either hot swap/flash the bios or put a copy of the correct bios onto a floppy named as amiboot.rom. I realise i could also get someone to send me a new bios or pay to get it flashed correctly, but unfortunately this is for a friend who can't afford to pay for that.

I've tried the floppy disk method, but pressing ctrl + home doesn't even warrant a response from the floppy drive (the floppy drive is functional and correctly plugged in). I saw people mention that often an isa floppy controller would work, but unfortunately the board has no isa slots. I have tried all sorts of combinations with/without pci devices plugged in, with/without video card and nothing i can do will get any sort of response from the floppy drive.

I'm trying to get hold of a motherboard with a suitable AMI BIOS so that i can perform the hot swap/flash, but unfortunately thats not terribly easy (all 6 of my machines have Award BIOS's). Is there a way i can use an Award BIOS m/b to flash an AMI BIOS

Any thoughts on other things i can try?

Here are system specs:
MSI KT266A Pro2
Athlon 1700 XP
256 MB PC2100 RAM (Generic brand, says 'winbond' on the chips)
Currently no video card, but swapping between about 5 different ones both PCI and AGP to no avail.

Sorry for the longwinded post, and thanks in advance.