Need bios binary for ITX-IPC45T ver1.9 mainboard

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Hello guys,

I have a ITX-IPC45T ver1.9 board which bios chip was physically damaged. After drilling and welding the ripped pins I've managed to get the binary content. I have attached it.
(505.52 KiB) Downloaded 242 times
I flashed a new bios chip with the recovered binary file, but the mainboard doesn't want to give any signal of life. The processor it's live, the fan it's spinning, I have all the voltages on the board, but nothing else.
It's very strange that I can't find it anywhere on the internet. I don't even know even the producer's name :roll:
It will be great if I will be able to make it work once again. Maybe you can give me a tip or an advice of how can I find it.

Thank you !
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