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Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Well i went and messed up big time and now i have a dead computer!!! here is what happened. I was cleaning all my floppy's i had laying around(formatting them) and i put in one that had a bios on it. Ofcourse i didn't put a sticker on the floppy so i didn't know what was on it, so i put it in click on my A drive to see what was on it and that is when it happened. i clicked on the autoexe.bat by mistake. I got a error message and i took the floppy out and restarted my cpu and nothing but a lot of beeping. i thought maybe i could just put the floppy in and reboot and reinstall the bios but my computer dies before i can boot from the A drive!!!

is their anyway i can get this to work or do i need a new chip?? and if i need a new chip. it looks like i just pop it out but is there a certain way i need to install the new one?? like can it be put in backwards??

i have AWARD bios chip its very small and i cant see any markings on the chip or surounding area with an arrow or anything so thats why i ask how do i know if i put it in the right way??

any kind of help and information would be very very COOL
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Not much can be done without the floppy... You could try "hot flashing" (sEE THE FAQ'S). But I suspect that you have new small chip that takes aspecial chip puller and it maskes for some very tricky hot flashhing. Contact Bad Flash and see what it would cost for a preprogrammed chip.
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