New BIOS Chip needed?

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I have a DFI AK75-EC motherboard that has problems. On initial boot, I went into BIOS to make a few changes, saved it and no video. Unplugged the system, waited a few, and then turned it on to...A BIOS ROM checksum error. Reset the cmos several times, changed the battery, etc. Finally was able to boot to DOS floppy, reset the video. Is it the chip? BTW, Award BIOS.


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BIOS ROM checksum error or CMOS checksum error ? If you have an intermittent BIOS ROM checksum error it sounds like a hardware problem. (It could be a marginal bit in the Flash ROM which could be improved or lost by re-flashing).
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BIOS checksum errors on AMD Athlon boards are often causes by bad CPU.
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