#17187 by Connyhell
Tue Jun 10, 2003 3:22 pm
I used the original bios *.bin file from asus to flash my
ASUS K7m-rm board. The update-process was broken.
Now, my PC is unuseable. After that I tried to use a
EPRom programmer to write the binary file to the chip.
The PC still doesn´t boot. If I edit the bios-file in an hex-
editor I see a very long list of hex 0 (up to the first 33%).
What is this? All 'original' bios for this board look like this.
Are there any other steps (accept the ordering of a new chip)
what I can do?
I do not have a similar Board to force a hot-swap.
If I try the (5 pci) Bios K7M (without the -rm extension) the
boot starts and hungs at "checking NVRAM..."
B.t.w. I do not have the original bios safed :oops:

Best regards
Conny from Austria