#40782 by 9underpar
Sun Sep 10, 2006 1:20 am
Hi All:
I have a ze5170 notebook. When I start the laptop, all of the blue keyboard lights turn on and won't go off. There is no screen display. The fans come on and stay on. The CD Drive spins for a few seconds then stops. Same for the hard drive. I can't access the BIOS.

I've tried new RAM, a new hard drive, etc with no luck. I can't boot from the floppy or the CD. I've tried booting from AC power only and battery only. I also tried the Reset button on the bottom of the notebook.

There are no warning beeps. If I try booting with no RAM, then I get some beep warnings.

The laptop is a few years old. Could a dead BIOS battery cause these problems? Any ideas out there that I could try?

Many thanks!