#27614 by buts
Mon Sep 27, 2004 3:14 am

I've got a problem with Socket 370 Mobo. It has 256 kb ASD Bios chip
AE49F2008 (= Winbond W49F002U according to Uniflash table).
The mobo doesn't start or beep at all. Moreover, all fans start
working immediately after powering up.
I tried to reflash above chip on another mobo with Winbond W29C020C
(=ASD AE29F2008). Uniflash didn't recognize the chip at all.
Then I forced it to W49F002U and flashed: plenty of errors during
flashing. I read that many people had problems with flashing
AE49F2008=W49F002U. So my questions are:
1. What program to use to reflash this chip (if it is not corrupted) ?
2. What a difference between W49F002U and W29C020C ?
They both 256k, I read specification sheets and didn't see much
difference. I've got a spare W29C020C and don't know where
to get W49F002U. Are they replaceable ?
If yes, should I flash W29C020C with some other program (not
Uniflash) ?

Thank you.