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Now this time, I think I seriously messed something up this time. I just bought an Athlon XP 1700 system (with a chaintech ct-7aja2) motherboard, but for some reason the system was running at only 1.1 GHZ. Anyway, the person that I bought it from told me to go to the BIOS Setup, and change the CPU frequency there/clock speed there. I was changing the clock speed of the proccessor. Now, after the changing the multiplyers in the bios ( I am not sure, about the exact numbers that I clicked there, I raised the computer speed up to 1.3 GHZ.
Now when I went there again to raise the cpu speed a couple of numbers higher, and gave the SAVE CHANGES to the bios, the computer WOULD NOT RE-START. It doesn't make the beep noise when I try to turn it on, and something is wrong. I think I messed up the bios.

When I press the button to turn on the computer, The power supply stearts working and the ligt turns on (and then the red light stays on). The monitor doesn't show anything, and as I said there is no beep, which means there is something wrong. I think while trying to overlock the proccessor something happened. Is there anyway to restore the bios setup settings back to normal? The thing is I can't even get to the setup menu because the computer won't start.

I even tried taking off the BIOS battery (looks like a watch batery), for about 2 min, and putting it back in, but still nothing happens.

Also, my friend told me that the proccessor probably automaticly shut down (for safety reasons) right after the clock frequency was raised in the bios. He said that the proccessor might not be getting power from the power supply, but everything works though, including the proccessor fan. Is this true? How can I fix this problem, and get my computer back to work?

The bios doesn't BEEP at all.... Please help!!!

Thank you in advance, and I would appreciate any help you can give me.
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Clear CMOS > Read the manual how to do this
Then you computer shopuld be back to life
Enter Bios setup and load Seup or Performance Defaults - have a look for an option to change FSB/Memory clock from 100 to 133MHz > Should be in manual,too .
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And then don't touch the multiplier setting as the CPU is multiplier-locked.
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