#40367 by baseball43v3r
Sun Aug 20, 2006 7:06 am
i recently aquired a formfactor computer and i knew it had problems and that it hung on start-up. i figured the problem would be easy to fix and have decided to put in the effort to fix it up and use it. the computer is a Shuttle FV25 mainboard with a VIA VT8606T/686B chipset. it has linux installed on it but never seems to quite get there it gets to the second information screen and says "verifying dmi data pool" but then hangs after that which makes me think it is a bios problem as the bios doesn't know where to go. i've tried swapping HDD's and ram with no luck. and i've also checked the boot sequence several times over. if anyone has any advice please help me out any help is greatly appreciated.
the Bios info is as follows