By the looks another BIOS checksum error!

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Well after reading some of the tales of woe, i will add my own. I bought a Abit KT7a (V 1.3) only just 3 wks ago, with 256Mb of PC133(fine) and a very respectable Athlon Tbird running at 1.333Ghz(Fine). To this i added an Intel Modem, 52x CDRom, a savage 2000 graphics card (cheap with tvout and 64Mb), and finally a 60Gb Maxtor HDD. All went well for about 8 days then certain programs (especially serious sam the second encounter) would crash. On running Nortons system utility (by the way am using WIn 98) several errors were brought to light......One partition of the HDD was apparently corrupt (although working fine and also checked out ok on another PC in slave mode!!), and the DIMM was relaying an error(unspecified) at an address which remained constant. This in mind i went and purchased a further stick(now had two!) and put it in place of the first - the same error cropped up!!!! To check this i tested the DIMMS on another PC - all fine.

Stick with me - am getting to the point.

Now my thinking here was MOBO.

Guess what happened next.

I turned on my new PC (about a day later) and was confronted with the AWARD BOOT BLOCK

please insert disk etc etc


No attempting to flash the CMOS (although not directly the problem) did not help.

And a reflash of the existing BIOS was not an option (ABIT claim that this BIOS Is not flashable)

So now in a situation where i have a PC that does not work.

Anyone got any ideas?

Where should i go next?

Self builds huh!

thanks in advance

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how was the upgrade done---sounds like the bios was not saved
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Contact the place you bought it from and ask what the return policy is. I think I would ask for a new board as it is less than 30 days old.
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