#24948 by PeteV
Wed Apr 07, 2004 8:59 am

First I must thank so much for all the excellent information on flash
circuits, flashing etc. detailed info and instructions regarding BIOS
things I have got on WimsBIOS pages and the messages on this
discussion forum.

Still there is one very essential thing I'm quite confusing on
and maybe missing some key info. Namely, how to recognize the
possible chances and what is the key and the best procedure to
try to wake-up (reincarnate!) a totally dead motherboard, on which
you may not have any hints about the reasons for the dying?

So, my case now is, I do have 3 dead motherboards, which I have
not been able to get waking-up, or even to give any sign of living,
despite several trials with some 20 different BIOS'es during the
last days. All the BIOS'es have been proved to be living, waking-up
totally, or by 80-90%, some certain motherboards, but not at all
these 3 troublesome ones ...

"Sorry, still one more comment, these motherboards did not react
at all either to their own BIOS'es, neither still like original nor after
re-flashing the right .bin to it. Rgds, Pete V."

My questions are

What is the key I may be missing?
What is the procedure during the first second when powering on?
What is missing when the command of the start-up procedure
is not transferred to the BIOS at all?

So, if there is any answers or hints to these, please tell me,
I would very much appreciate it.

Please, here is some details on the BIOS'es and motherboards
I have been doing the trials on

BIOS'es, most of them Award 4.51PG
i430FX, i430HX, i430TX, i430VX, OPTi-Viper etc.
for SMC, UMC, ITE, Winbond etc. I/O modules

Motherboards, all AT with Socket 7 and PI-level processors
DFI, Kaimei, PC Partner, ASUS, Tyan etc.

The troublesome ones are
1. DFI G586OPC with OPTi-Viper/SMC665
2. PC Partner TX820DS with i430TX/SMC669
3. Tyan type ?? with i430HX/SMC665
So, could the problem somehow be involved with the SMC I/O?

Thank you very much in advance for your replies.

Best regards,

Pete V.
Helsinki, Finland

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