#35236 by houssamdoko
Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:16 am
hi this is my bios details

BIOS DATE:12/23/98
BIOS SIGNON:12/23/1998-i440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00
BIOS TYPE:Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
SUPER1/0:Winbond 977TF rev 0 found at port 3F0h
CHIPSET:Intel 440BX/ZX rev 3

after i flashe my bios with 128 gb flash from rainbow my PC is not working and i heared a sporadic beeb from the inside speaker please i trusted this flash but it ruined my PC please tell me what to do as soon as u can
thanx :(