#17914 by Kristoffer
Thu Jul 10, 2003 8:03 pm
A customer brought in a CompUSAPC computer with a corrupt BIOS. However, I can't find ANY BIOS for this board; CompUSA's site is no help in identifying the board and the numbers from the board come up with no results when searched for in Google.

If I could find the BIOS string it would be a simple matter to identify the BIOS, but the only thing that displays onscreen when the computer boots is a request for a floppy, presumably one that will allow it to boot and restore the BIOS.

Following is all the information I have regarding this motherboard:
  • It came from a CompUSAPC from their Home line, presumably before they sold other manufacturers' computers.
  • The Award 686 BIOS has 188078068 printed on it
  • The CPU is a Socket-1 PIII 500MHz (500/512/100/2.0V)
  • The chipset is a VIA and the Northbridge has VT82C693A, 9944CD, and 14C427961 on it while the Southbridge has VT82C596B, 9944CD, and 14C0N4771 printed on it.
  • It has a Creative ES1373 onboard sound chip on it
  • Micro ATX, 3 DIMM slots, 66/100/133 FSB, x3 to x6.5 multiplier, stickers next to the DIMM slots have "S/N: PR11992275" and "*210519949103008*" printed on them.
  • multiplier and FSB are set by jumpers
I hope this is neither too much nor not enough information. Any help on this matter is much appreciated.
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