#46846 by MilenkoD
Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:17 pm
I attempted to update the AWARD BIOS on a old ECS L7MM2 motherboard (eMachines) that I wanted to use as a home back-up server. After updating the BIOS with the included Windows Flash utility and BIN file downloaded from ECS, the motherboard will not POST upon start-up.

After flashing, I come to find that the same board, with the same model number and same rev number came with two difference clock generators: ICS and RealTek. Not knowing, I flashed my BIOS (mine = RealTek C/G) with the version intended for ICS C/G.

The motherboard does get power, the HDD does spin-up but no video screen, POST beep or floppy seek. Is this motherboard trashed?