#17071 by MaPLe
Thu Jun 05, 2003 6:07 pm

I recently successfully hot-flashed the BIOS of a PcChips M571 (1 MB flash chip) on my Soyo 5EHM (also 1 MB chip). I took a moment to type up my experience:


Now I have a friend who just ended up with a dead board due to a bad BIOS flash, and he's considering giving the chip to me for me to try to hot-flash the BIOS. However, his flash chip is 2 megabits in size, and all the boards I have handy to hot-flash on (the PcChips M571 and the Soyo 5EH5) have 1 MB flash chips.

After reading some posts on this forum, I came to the conclusion that whether I could flash a 2 MB flash chip on a board with a 1 MB chip depends on whether its chipset can address the extra memory space. These are the chipsets my two boards have:

Soyo 5EH5: VIA MVP3
PcChips M571: SiS 5598

Does anyone have an idea whether any or both of these chipsets can handle 2 MB flash chips? I spent quite a while trying to find this info, but to no avail. I could just get my friend's chip and try, but he doesn't trust me as much and wants me to be sure that I can do it before giving it to me. ;)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.