#47976 by pashabox
Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:38 pm
:roll: now that i have your attention, can anyone tell me what is up???

i plugged in my usb card reader, like i do almost every day, and i get this warning message for 3 seconds (warning! the usb device cannot be suppleied enough power to .....) that was all i could read... my screen went blank. and the computer would not even turn on anymore. not sure if it was the PSU or motherboard, i looked inside, nothing out of ordinary. no funky smells. no black charrrrrr on any of the motherboard. however, i know my last board had a RAM indicator light always on, i am just not sure if this board had/has one, but there is nothing blinking or on , on the board. i have an AXPER XP-P4I533PE. 3 yrs old i know.

http://www.axper.com/product/motherboar ... I533PE.htm

thinking it was my PSU (rd-350w radmax)(another crappy item i have read) i bought another. ULTRA 500w PSU. , plug it in last night and nothing. i will test the PSU today as soon as i can replace my battery in my voltage meter, however, it is making a humming noise, so i believe it is functional.

Is my motherboard fried? what else should i do? any suggestions? the old board is a P4 478 atx board...nearly IMPOSSIBLE to replace. the technology is so old.

i would love any help from you guys... thanks!