#30071 by cyberpax
Tue Mar 08, 2005 5:33 am
I tried to hotflash a 256k flashrom from an DFI CA61 rev.B1 in an old Mboard that uses its original 128k flashrom to boot. I used Uniflash 1.40

The problem is that I keep geting an error msg "Flash data verification error"
when i try to flash the new DFI bios to the 256k chip.

The chip is an V29c51002t/5v
I used the -force 4002 command

The old MotherBoard that I'm using to do the Hotflash is a SOYO
(I think it's 5PE one ... not sure?!)

in all cases after the flash process is done it gives a "flash verification error" and the progress bar shows a mix of several green X'es and green blocks.

What I'm I doing wrong ????

Please help !


Antonio Fernandes

Alias cyberpax