#24305 by luigi40
Wed Mar 10, 2004 10:05 pm
hello all,
mthbrd is MSI 6119 - 440BX
bios was Ami, crossflashed to award, that worked but still couldnt use new 160GB (now realise need windows xp for 160GB)
so i thought flash back to original ami, however when file finished uploading from floppy, packard bell bios program said rom error
since then when pc powered up , the cpu & psu fans spin, the cd rom lights up for 3 secs and that it, i took out the bios (W29C020) , took it to uni and tried to reprogram, however i could not because the bootblock is LOCKED ,reading the data at address 3FFFF it started with AWARD, so i guess when cross flashing the award bios code locked the bootblock or maybe the bootblock is always locked, i dont know, but i could NOT erase, write, etc. reading the datasheet there is no mention of how to DISABLE BOOTBLOCK LOCKOUT, can some one help me pls

ps...ive tried resetting cmos on mthrd, also shorting address pins 15 & 16