i no wot ive done but cant solve it-motherboard nonfunction

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i have a biostar m7ncd motherboard. the problem i had was that i have a 2400 athalon xp processor, but it was only running at 2ghz. i tried to alter this in bios, but not really too sure what i was doing. :x i know i changed something (possibly frequency or something............?) from 133 to 200( does this make sense?) and now my motherboard wont boot. the power seems to go through the machine, but my moniter does not recieve a signal. please help me as i am at the end of my tether with computers (ive had loads of problems) and just want this sorted. :?:
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Yiou can reset the "BIOS" to its original settings by clearing the CMOS. This should be described in your manual, but basically you need to remove mains power from the case, leave a while (or attempt to turn on) to discharge the power supply, and move the position of a jumper near the CMOS back-up battery (the large button cell) for a few seconds. IF you don't have a jumper you can remove the battery for a while; in extreme cases you may also have to short out the contacts in the battery socket.
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