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Medion RAM

I recently bought a Medion 2020,(which I think I now regret). The machine is painfully slow, so I bought 1Gig Ram hoping it would speed things up. However, the machine will not recognise the new ram. I am guessing it is a Bios problem, but the Medion web site and help desk is next to useless. Has anybody got an idea as to the best course of action.
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600X disable memory in CMOS help

Hello all,

I've read threads on how to disable the internal memory in CMOS for the TP600E and 600X (?)
I have a TP600X Model 2645-8PU, PIII-500 Mhz. It has 64Mb internal memory.
I am using (2) 64Mb DIMMs in the 2 expansion slots. When I edited the CMOS value in column B row 20 from 80 to 81, pressed F2, and powered down/up. The screen only recognizes the 640 kb instead of the 196032 ...
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acer notebook bios problem

ı have acer notebook ı m trying to boot my notebook from windos xp professional. when ı press the F2 button bios comes up but it is passive ı cannot do anything with it. could you please give information.
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ECS mobo dead

Hi to all.
I've bought on ebay an ECS P4VXASD2.
It was advertised as WORKING.

Instead it's not working :evil:
Doesn't turn on.

It's a bios flashing related problem?

If i buy a flasher, i can save it?
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I Need Bios.wph for Hp Onmibook 6000, i compensate it ¡ ¡ ¡

If you have got a Hp onmibook 6000 plis download this program ... to make the bios.wph file and send my to i compensate it ¡ ¡ ¡ :lol:



I have an Abit VH6 with both IDE cannot detect hard drives. Is bios update necessary to fix the problem?
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A8N-E: need 1 extra memory timing badly

In short, i need to set Read Preamble timing manually in bios setup (or even flash fixed value).

The whole story, u may skip it. Damn mobo sets RP to useless 9 ms, my memory (ddr400 of course) cant go past 135 (270ddr) frequency with such crazy setting :evil: (common working values are about 4 to 6 ms) This only happens at higher FSB's, ...
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Uniwill Phoenix bios

Hello all,

Over the last year I have been able to crack open the MXM notebook graphics market a bit. However, I`m stuck with one major problem...

Often when swapping MXM cards, this results in overheating issues. Not because of the inaddequacy of the cooling system but much more because the fan does not react to the temperature or the resulting fan speed is too low.

I was hoping that I could tweak this in ...
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FLASH went wrong!! HOTFLASH!! Dangerous?

HI all!!

The flashing went wrong. The last block was WRITE FAIL. Now my bios is corrupted. It didn't work because i found out the the VOLTAGE of the NVRAM battery was 700MV instead of 2.8V. TOO LATE!!

My board is

DFI NFII Ultra infinity
BIOS DATE 11/27/2003
I get the file ; (latest update on DFI website)

Wath do i do with corrupted bios?? I heard about HOTFLASH.

Is that dangerous for the ...
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"Intel Screen" at bootup stays on for 20s after re

My harddrive was dying so I reformatted, reinstalled Win xp, etc. Everything works fine except when I boot up or turn computer on from hibernate I get the intel screen up for about 20 seconds first and it doesn't sound like it's doing anything. Then it checks the drives and boots normally. If I hit F2 to enter setup it says entering setup for the same amount of time.
I have updated my bios. I ...
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