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Failed Flash, Dead Mobo

So, I have what I suspect is a fairly common story here... Tried to flash my BIOS to a new version, and when I rebooted it, my computer was dead. I have a Gigabyte K8-NS (Rev. 1.00), which uses an Award BIOS. Right now my computer is refusing to do anything besides give off continuous long beeps, and does not display any information to my monitor (AGP Video card). I have cleared the CMOS with ...
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How do i update bios to ACPI 2.0 to be compliant with Vista?

Does anyone here own an intel 850e chipset motherboard or know of any BIOS updates to be compatible with vista?

I get the message when installing Vista on my new motherboard:

"This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update or install Windows on an ACPI-compliant computer."

How do i fix ...

HDD problem

I have a Compaq Evo N410c
And don’t recognized any HDD I try update bios in HP, but noting happened.

All information a have is:

Compaq Evo N410c
Processor type Intel Pentium III-M
ROM Revision: F14 12/15/2003
Rom Family 686A2

Please help!


Samuel Sanchez
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dfi board problem

tryed flashing bois now i get this on screen

award boot block bios v1.0
(c) 1998
bios rom checksum error
detecting floppy drive a media
drive a is 1.44mb
htldr is missing
press any key 2 reboot,
what do i do?

cmos is default
and do have bios.bin file
do i need 2 boot into dos and flash it from there ?
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AMIBIOS(C)1996 ZX98-ATVER1.09(991216) RAM

Hi ,
My mother board is AMIBIOS(C)1996 ZX98-ATVER1.09(991216)
running PIII 500 Mhz.
I have 64+64 MB SDRAM installed on 2 slots.

I'm planning to upgrade to higher RAM
Whats the MAX capacity..? Is it 256MB and if yes can I install 1 single 256 MB SDRAM stick...?
Please let me know

Also , I plan to connect a higher capacity HD...80GB ATA.
Do I need to upgrade the BIOS? Where can I find the utility? ...
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IBM x225 dead after Bios upgrade

Updated an IBM X225 with Update-expres 4.04 from IBM.
Now it doesn't startup and only gives 3 long beeps and a black screen.
Anyone any idear how to get this system running again? I read some info about jumper settings to get old-bios again.
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creating .bin file out of Toshiba bios download

Greetings all...
I have a client Notebook Toshiba satellite a30 that now is a brick .
Flashing bios seemed to start O.K. but failed at about 60%
Now I have an adapter for my burner but the file on the floppy that the Toshiba program makes is too big for the flash rom .
They must be doing new things like compression these days(I am way out of touch these days and don't have a ...
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manual flash instructions

Can someone post the step by step guide for flashing award bios. I need to do it blind and autoexec is not working.
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Intel mobo won't boot -- One beep, no display.


I reinstalled Windows on a friend's computer. He's running a Celleron, on a D845GVSR Intel board. After the installation, I needed to update some of his drivers (for the on board VGA, for his sound card, etc). While at it, I foolishly decided to also update his BIOS, using Intel's express updater.

The updater said it will flash the BIOS, and that I shouldn't turn off the power for about 3 minutes. It then ...
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Sometimes bad flashes happen to good people

I have a HP a1250n with an ms-7184 MB in it. The bios was updated to a version from The machine started acting funny after the update so I decided to try to reflash with the older hp bios. The flash was successful but now when booting I get the no video post code (1 long, 2 short). The floppy is responding. I can boot to a floppy and when I type DIR it ...
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