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bios dos't allow mor then 512 ram

i have Acorp 6A815EPD motheboard. It have max 3 ram slot and menual allow max 512 ram in all slots of system system. This mean that you can not increas ram more then 512MB . Weather you use a single 512MB or (128+128+256=>512, 256+256=>512). If i used three 512MB ram in three slots bios dos't identify other two rams. It show and work only 512MB ram. How can i remove limits of 512MB to 3GB ...
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POST test card schematics anyone?

I have searched up and down the net and I can’t find schematics for PCI POST test card. I have searched this forum also, but the postings which mentioned ISA and PCI post card schematics are old and the links seem not to work anymore.
If someone can share a website link or attach the schematics, that would be of great help to everyone who is trying to figure out the problems of a malfunctioning ...
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Help!! Boot freezes on Building DMI Pool


I have read everything I could find and tried removing all hardware components one at a time to see if there is a hardware problem and it makes no difference to a PIII 866MHz Socket 370 at bootup.

Can not find any markings on the board to tell what it is. Have found that the Bios Chip is an SST 49LF002A33.

Also reset the Bios to read Floppy first so that I could check ...
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J-Mark (JetWay?) J-630BF missing BIOS chip

I have one motherboard that has an BIOS chip completely missing. Can someone tell me what kind of a chip should i use, or what kind of chip the mobo came with? Found the image of the bios that has the size of 256kb so i guess it is 2MB FLASH chip. Am i right? Is there any pin difference between various chips? Can something like this be used on this motherboard? >>2MB Chip from ...
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Acer 2700 bios failure.

I could kill someone at acer. My screen had some problems so I decided to go for an update, from 1.09.

The 1.12 bios Update went SO wrong. Pc doesn’t boot, no screen, one long beep, and two short ones. Defective bios, so the acer webpage says.

So, I need help getting this thing back to work. Tried the crisis disk creator, but I’m missing something.

The bios comes whit 3 files, ELW80WPH.UMA , ELW80WPH.M1P ...
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No laptop display after using dualview with bios error

I was playing around with dualview and the other dual monitor modes on my laptop (HP DV6000 w/ 7200 Go) connected to a 32' lcd tv through vga. One of the settings I tried was not agreeable though: my laptop display turned off and the screen on the tv was black except for the cursor.

I turned the laptop off and on and I got a 1 long, 2 short beep code, which is supposed ...

Ecs P6BAT-AP memory problems.

I just upgrade my old pc and i put 3 modules of 256mb 133mhz sdram in a motherboard ecs p6bat-ap bios version 5.6,but the bios recognize only the half memory.Is there any patched bios that it can make the bios recognize the whole memory?Before i had 3 modules of 128mb 2 with 4 chips and 1 with 8 chips and recognized the whole memory.Please advice.
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Dead P5N-SLI after EzFlash lock-up

Hello everyone!

Well, this wednesday, I was updating my bios to the latest version. I was using the Asus EzFlash utility, wich can be loaded directly through the bios, and can update the bios through a Pen-Drive, CD-Rom, HD or Floppy, so that I didn't have to go through the hassle of creating a bootdisk and etc.

The problem was that the PC locked up, and the progress bar stopped moving. I left the computer ...
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Dead Bios - MSI x975 Platinum Powerup Edition

--Award Bios--
I have a (as said above) MSI 975x Platinum Powerup Edition Mobo. I accidently flashed the bios for the regular 975x plat mobo, and now I don't get a post screen. I have 2 ways of fixing it but they both failed. I first tried to hot-flash it using another board that uses the same bios chip socket, but unforunately the flashing utility said it was the wrong bios for the board, if ...
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Error 0175, Bad CRC1 Stop

I have read a few of the fixes, however since the sytem stops I cannot update any bios through a floopy disk.
Does WIM have a bios that can replace the one in MY IBM Thinkpad.
The power supply seems ok, this happend when my battery went dead. I have not replaced the 2032 battery, but just unplgged it to clear the cmos. still shows same error. do you have to have a working battery ...
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