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How do i update bios to ACPI 2.0 to be compliant with Vista?

Does anyone here own an intel 850e chipset motherboard or know of any BIOS updates to be compatible with vista?

I get the message when installing Vista on my new motherboard:

"This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update or install Windows on an ACPI-compliant computer."

How do i fix ...

HDD problem

I have a Compaq Evo N410c
And don’t recognized any HDD I try update bios in HP, but noting happened.

All information a have is:

Compaq Evo N410c
Processor type Intel Pentium III-M
ROM Revision: F14 12/15/2003
Rom Family 686A2

Please help!


Samuel Sanchez
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dfi board problem

tryed flashing bois now i get this on screen

award boot block bios v1.0
(c) 1998
bios rom checksum error
detecting floppy drive a media
drive a is 1.44mb
htldr is missing
press any key 2 reboot,
what do i do?

cmos is default
and do have bios.bin file
do i need 2 boot into dos and flash it from there ?
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AMIBIOS(C)1996 ZX98-ATVER1.09(991216) RAM

Hi ,
My mother board is AMIBIOS(C)1996 ZX98-ATVER1.09(991216)
running PIII 500 Mhz.
I have 64+64 MB SDRAM installed on 2 slots.

I'm planning to upgrade to higher RAM
Whats the MAX capacity..? Is it 256MB and if yes can I install 1 single 256 MB SDRAM stick...?
Please let me know

Also , I plan to connect a higher capacity HD...80GB ATA.
Do I need to upgrade the BIOS? Where can I find the utility? ...
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IBM x225 dead after Bios upgrade

Updated an IBM X225 with Update-expres 4.04 from IBM.
Now it doesn't startup and only gives 3 long beeps and a black screen.
Anyone any idear how to get this system running again? I read some info about jumper settings to get old-bios again.
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creating .bin file out of Toshiba bios download

Greetings all...
I have a client Notebook Toshiba satellite a30 that now is a brick .
Flashing bios seemed to start O.K. but failed at about 60%
Now I have an adapter for my burner but the file on the floppy that the Toshiba program makes is too big for the flash rom .
They must be doing new things like compression these days(I am way out of touch these days and don't have a ...
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manual flash instructions

Can someone post the step by step guide for flashing award bios. I need to do it blind and autoexec is not working.
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Intel mobo won't boot -- One beep, no display.


I reinstalled Windows on a friend's computer. He's running a Celleron, on a D845GVSR Intel board. After the installation, I needed to update some of his drivers (for the on board VGA, for his sound card, etc). While at it, I foolishly decided to also update his BIOS, using Intel's express updater.

The updater said it will flash the BIOS, and that I shouldn't turn off the power for about 3 minutes. It then ...
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Sometimes bad flashes happen to good people

I have a HP a1250n with an ms-7184 MB in it. The bios was updated to a version from The machine started acting funny after the update so I decided to try to reflash with the older hp bios. The flash was successful but now when booting I get the no video post code (1 long, 2 short). The floppy is responding. I can boot to a floppy and when I type DIR it ...
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Please Help : No display

Hi All,

My system is not working, it doesn't boot and there is no display. I would like to flash my bios, can anyone help me in this regard.

Motherboard: SIS 630
Bios: Award PCI/PNP 686 245035080

Please help.
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