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Boot Block Flash Question

I have an evga 680i motherboard (I know how many problems they have had, i am just trying to make it work :D ) and i tried updating the bios to the new version P23. Everything appeared to go correctly until i rebooted. Then I get to Boot Block and it says it is looking for awdflash.exe.
Thanks to this forum which is amazing, i made ...
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I downloaded the Abit Flashmenu to flash my bios. I'm using an Abit sr7-8x motherboard with ami bios. When trying to flash to the latest bios i recieved an error message stating it could not complete. i tried this a few times and got the same error message.

After rebooting my machine to see if that would fix the issue. My ...
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thinkpad battery meter wrong

yeah so I've exchanged my dell p2 266mhz to a guy who knows absolutely nothing about computers (he just wanted microsoft office in french) and got a "almost" new thinkpad A22m p3 1ghz 256ram, the only problem is the battery, after a full charge, it goes down to 0% in 15minutes! at first I thought that the battery was totally dead. but after disabling the auto-shutdown, i noticed it still runs fine at 0% for ...
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Can I get some help?

I flashed the bios on my motherboard and now the thing is dead. I followed all the instructions perfectly. I then tried to floppy thing. Now when I start up the computer it checks the RAM then pauses. Nothing will work after that. What can I do? Thanks for any help.

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BIOS beeps

Yesterday when i turned on my PC, heard two beeps coming from my PC. What do they mean? I have a Pheonix BIOS chip. here are some other information you might need:

Brand name: HP
Model number: Pavilion a210n
Primary HDD: Western Digital 160gig (Upgraded from Maxtor 80gig)
Secondary HDD: Seagate 100gig (Add on)
Primary optical drive: Samsung DVD-ROM
Secondary optical drive: I/O Magic DVD-RW (Upgraded from CD-RW)
CPU: Intel(R) Celeron @ 2500 Mhz
Memory ...
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Dell Latitude D600 Problem

Hi, I've got D600 with last BIOS A16. Yesterday I decided to install a new cpu PM-1,83/2mb, but unfortunately the BIOS displays its speed on 1.4G. However, in Windows the speed is reported correctly. Do anybody have an idea how to fix the this problem with the BIOS?

Thanks in advance
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system speed and bios

Hi Guys, please excuse my ignorance as I am a newbie to any type of forums, (Yes I did read the rules)

Anyway, here's the story.
I am unfortunately the owner of a compaq presario 2500 notebook, This machine was reasonably ok when I bought it 2 years ago, however its performance has become noticably slower as time marches on.
Also only 1 of the 3 fans seem to function and the exhaust air is ...
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Epox 8K3A+ Dead


Had a problem with this mobo.
Was intermittently going to reset and had problems with memory.
DIMM Connector 1 was faulty - took this out.
The mobo has furthermore, DIMM Slots 2 and 3.

I figured this mobo would accept RAM in any socket but mobo
now sits a C0, C1 post code flashing in the onboard post LED
when 512MB DDR DIMM in Slot 2.

Does anyone know with certainty if this mobo ...
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I am looking for information on a K8N-DL Motherboard that will not POST. I sent the board to the Asus RMA Dept. and they report that the board is O.K. I am testing it with a minimum of Hardware which I believe is: Video:Getforce 6600 D256M :Processor Opteron 240 in socket #1 Memory : 1GB PC3200 DDR40 ECC REG. in Socket A1: Power supply is Antec EPS True550 12 Volt 550 Watt. All voltages checked ...
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Dead Sony Vaio PCG-K415B Bios / KBC / Motherboard

Hi All.

I have been given a Sony Vaio Laptop (PGC-K415B).

I was told that windows would crash and blue screen alot, so the laptop was given to a my mates friend to try and fix the problem, When he got it back there laptop no longer boots.

You get the power led's light up, hdd spins up, and the wifi light on the front powers up, dvd-drive can not be opened, nor does the ...
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