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I forget my password

Hello every body

Please help me i have a notebook HP omni book 900 B And i forget my password please i need some one to help me to find the back door for my BIOS "phoenix".

Thank you all.
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Siemens Mobile 700 Bios recover

Hi all,

and yes, the nb (5 years, the last 2 in a 'deep sleeping mode') is dead. W95 without hardware errors.
After a flash with original ugbiosfe.exe the screen stay black, only a short floppy action (bootloader, 1s).

I've tried all well known names for the bios file, boot floppy
with autoexec.bat (ugbiosfe /s bios.bin - from the Siemens Hotline)
- no sucess.
Time is to short to read the image, floppy sounds like ...
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Lcds broken: need to change setups to use external crts

I have 2 notebooks with broken lcds, an Innova Book 10c and an Acrobat Campus-b. To the Innova I never discovered how to change setup in order to get recognition of the external monitor. The Acrobat was used till recently with an external one, but somehow bios messed up. Now I am "blind" in both computers. I do not know a) what brand are the bios; b) how to enter the Acrobat setup; c) how ...

Fujitsu Lifebook E6570 will not correctly recongnize my CPU

I recently updated my laptop CPU from 750mhz to 900mhz everything works fine but the bios/Windows XP/WCPUID/Intel frequency utility all report the frequency of 700mhz as oppose to 900mhz!

I already have the latest bios for the laptop,, I have 2 theories for my problem. 1) is that the E6570 was already the fastest model at the time so Fujitsu did not specify a mutiplier greater than 7.5 for any cpus faster than a 750mhz ...

Just about to flash and it says "Bios tag error"

I want to upgrade bios for a GA-6OMM7E Intel 815E AGPset motherboard.
I´m new at this, I am shure I´ve downloaded the right bios upgrade.
I also downnloaded the manual from Gigabyte support. And I just followed instructions. When I press enter to activate the file "Bios tag error" come up instead of that I succseded! What does that mean?

From here I dont know what to do, whats wrong, what I can do:
Please ...
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mother board is dead

My new mother board ASUS MEW-AM socket 370 & intel 810e chipset with phoenix Bios & Processor used PIII 700Mhz/256k catche and SDRAM pc100 or 100Mhz 2x64 Mb is Dead. When power switch is pressed power led not glows, Key board led blinks once and there is no display or any speaker beeps. But power supply is ok, CPU fan working fine, all ATX voltages are tested with multi meter is normal. Changed ATX power ...
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Help! Did I kill my mobo with the setup program?

I flashed the bios on my BCM QS440BX motherboard (award bios). I double-checked the version, etc. and the flashing process apparently completed successfully. On rebooting and entering setup, I entered setup, reset the bios to defaults, then changed a couple of settings (latency, boot order, and power management settings) to where they were before. On rebooting a 2nd time, the initial screen appears, indicating bios version (the updated # is shown), but nothing happens from ...
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ieee 1394 boot support for toshiba notebook

Hi to all on this board,

I have a general question about firewire (ieee 1394) boot support. My notebook (Toshiba Satellite 3000-514) has an iLink (=ieee 1394=firewire) connector but even the newest bios downloaded from the Thoshiba-Homepage does not offer the "ieee 1394 boot support". I want to use it for an external hard-disk. Knowing that there is nothing else than a Phoenix-Bios in my computer, I looked up their Homepage, reading that there is ...
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Corrupted BIOS

I have an old compaq presario 1270 (AMD K6 330 MHZ) which wasn't in use for a while. I started using it a week ago as a temporary solution for couple months. I upgraded the OS to win2k and thats when he problem started. The laptop wouldn't poweroff completeley. I looked for BIOS updates on the compaq website and found two of them. The first install went on smoothly but during the second somehow ...
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Award BootBlock issue

I updated my Epox 4G4A bios successully, then rebooted and all I see now is:
Award BootBlock Bios 1.0
Copyright (c) 2000

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting floppy drive A media..

Automatic Load AWDFLASH.EXE
Replace the disk and press enter.

Problem is that it automatically tries to load a awdflash.exe not autoexec.bat if there is even one on the disk.. And if I copy only the .bin file and awdflash.exe ...
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