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k7vta3 rev3.1 bios n/a

well, i bought a ecs k7vta3 rev3.1 mb, and it seems like it came with a non programmed bios. bios for this mainboard are not available on site (only for 3.0x versions). i've tried all 3.0x but none of it worked. i'm trying not to waste a lot of time sending the mainboard back to the store. so if any of you has a rev3.1 bios please send it to me.


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help notebook asus L7200 is dead

I need help with notebook asus L7200 in an upgrade of erroneous bios my pc doesn't make anything this dead
somebody can me you help I believe that the bios is a chip winbond w29c020, I can remove this chip and to record it
thank you
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After market upgrades for Bios on a Dell Inpsiron 3500

Newbe here. I've tried to get and upgrade BIOS for my Inspiron 3500 but can't find any aftermarket suppliers who produce one. I have the latest that Dell offers. I've "hacked" quite a bit of this machine (Replacing the Pii 300 with a a Piii 650 for starters) that Dell says is not possible but the bios doesn't support Intels SpeedStep and advanced power management. I can't believe that there is no way to upgrade ...

floppy not responding to my recovery disk!

ok so i messed up my other comp flashing the bios. i made a recovery disk with my old comp (the one i'm on now) but for some reason my new computer won't recognize it. i put in the floppy and turn on the computer. then the lil green light comes on tellin me that my floppy is doin work. but its not. its jus like spinnin. its not makin noise like it would if ...
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SP-586TB death-melody ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Here's a toff one!

I had (RIP?) for several years a computer with an SP-586TB motherboard / AMDK6II-200 processor. A couple of weeks ago, I was working on that computer, and suddenly the computer started to play a tune trough the MB speaker. I was really shocked, experience said to me that it could be only a virus - but there's no "entry point" in the whole 8 computer network (all floppies have cables detached ...
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Hotflash of MSI bios in ABIT MB unsuccessful so!

I tried to hotflash a MSI 645 Ultra bios chip in an ABIT IT7 Max 1.0 motherboard. I believe I read enough to do it right but Uniflash did not like to identify the MSI chip. Further I found it curious that all file sizes on the floppy were only showing half of what they should e.g. the biosfile of my AMI bios was 131 kbytes instead of 262 kbytes.

Some options of the Uniflash ...
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testing memory....!!!!!

I have a MB msi MS6163Pro (whith led control) and two led is red. I have a documentation and this error is :
"testing Base and extended Memory
testing base memory from 240k to 640k and extended above 1 MB using various pattens"

please what i have to do???
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huge problem...bioscrash armada m300

:cry: :?: hi,first of all,...sorry for my terrible english :-)
here is my Problem:
I try to mak Bios update,then the system hangs so i had to get off the power.
Now it des not boot anymore.When i start the power,all led 's are lighten up,Floppy,fan gets on,all ...
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Asus A7V-133 and reprograming with flash prommer

I have problem my bios chip is copleatly corrupted and i'd like
to reprogram it with flahs programmer(boot block too). Is there any trick with that. My programmer supports compleatetly my bios chip.

So can i just download new bios file from ASUS and program it in to flash bios chip ? :?
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bios wont autodetect or flash successfully- even w uniflash!

here's all the info i can get off stickers, manuals chips ect.
im using:

mobo: ASUS SP97-v (socket 7 ) (with onboard vid)

mobo chipset: SiS 5598

bios chip: winbond W29EE011-15

bios software: Award PCI/PNP 586
s/n 093503359 1995

PROBLEM: uniflash will not detect the bios chip, and says the arrangement is unknown, and may be write potected, when i force it using code DAC1 it refuses to flash successfully. (the main bios is ...


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