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Flash GA-7VTX --> No video

I flash the bios of a Gigabyte GA-7VTX motherboard. I restart de computer, the dual-bios system inform me that the main bios is diferent to the backup bios. I restart de computer... Blank screen for ever !!!! I can´t belive it. Wat´s the problem? The flash was ok because the first reboot was ok. Why next boots don´t work? Why Dual-Bios not work?

Thanks a lot

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Hi all. This is my first message. I hope someone can help me...
I have a "Soyo 486 PCI/VESA GREEN MAINBOARD" motherboard,
and the original BIOS was a Award:
Award Modular BIOS v4.50 PG
1984-95 Award Software Inc
Award Plug & Play V.1.0
I know it's old but it worked really good with Linux!
It was running pretty good with a Intel 486 DX4 at 100 MHz.
So I have got a ...
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A few questions... +added 1 more Uniflash question

Hi All,
I,m new here :D and I've spent the last hour and a half reading through almost the entire forum. I couldn't find any specific answers to questions I have in mind though.

First off... a little info...

I've been trying to recover a crashed BE6II motherboard that was attacked by the CIH virus a few months ago. The virus also destroyed two hard drives ...
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AST Premmia P/133 POST Failure

My AST Premmia GX p/133 will not get past early POST failure. I hear 2 long beeps and 3 short beeps; no video ever gets initialized...the machine simply hangs after the POST failure.

The most detail I've received from the beeps is system board failure. I've pulled every card, checked RAM, etc but I do not know how to troubleshoot from here. The only visual oddity is the BIOS battery has oozed a bit of ...
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Boot Block Flash - Freeze up.

Desperate situation here folks, love some help if anyone can! I'd be terribly grateful.

Okay. System is an Albatron KX400+ Pro, Duron 1ghz, 256mhz DDR, Radeon9000 pro.

I had a movie paused in windows XP and it blue screened. After restarting, i get greeted by the

"Award Bios Boot Block 1.0
Bios ROM checksum error
Floppy media in drive a:"


Now I downloaded the most current bios update and the one before that. I ...
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Having Trouble upgrading sdram

HP Pavillion 7840
Trigem motherboard i810E
Processor front side bus speed 133/100/66MHz
Originally came with 2 64Meg/100MHz Dimms

I tried to replace the 64M dimms with a single 256M/133Mhz SDRAM from Kingston. The board will not recognize the ram.
Could a BIOS update possibly help in this situation and does the processor front side bus speed indicate that I should be able to run the 133MHz SDRAM???

Please, any help would be appreciated.
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k7vta3 problem


i flash my phoenix bios on my ecs k7vta3 mobo.
the revision on my board is rev 1.0 but i took the 7.0
the flash has been successful but now, my pc dont boot( no video, just a wierd sound )

what can i do now ???

(i have an other pc so can i do something with it)

Thanks in advance
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Can't edit BIOS settings

I have a M810CLMR v7.1c mobo with 900 MHz DURON. I'm running WIN XP, have 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HD Maxtor on primary master, SAMSUNG CDRW on secondary master and AOPEN DVD on secondary slave.
My PC boots normally, but when I want to go in the BIOS set-up mode (after DEL during boot-up), the set-up screen opens, but it seems not to respond to the keyboard (it's stuck). The only thing I can ...
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Winfast K7NCR18D Pro

I just resently flashed that bios to the latest one and now I can't seem to get past the drive detection process any suggestions ?

I have contacted the manufacture..
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asus p3bf more...

i forgot to say that the HD that was in the machine (IBM desktar 13.5) is totally dead too .. dunno if it can be the cause or the effect of MD failure ??
I will try to replace the controler circuit and see what happen ..

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