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Flash gone bad.

I have a BCM motherboard, QS440BX-2mb. I installed a Maxtor 30 gig hard drive ATA 133, 7200 rpm with a PCI Maxtor Adapter Card. The Bios is Award 32dip pin made by Winbond. I obtained the upgrade from the BCM website. Upgrade for 2mb chip was version 2.10. I booted from a floppy with config.sys and autoexec.bat files deleted and new bios upgrade on it. The process started fine until a few seconds into it ...
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?upgrade for vaio pcg 717 phoenix bios r0135s0?

I am trying desperately to find any kind of update for my bios because it's troubling me.
I own a Sony Vaio PCG 717 200Mhz 128MB 10GB (harddrive new)
My BIOS version is: PhoenixBIOS 4.0 "r0135s0"

Is there such thing as an upgrade for it at all?

I tried google, forums - but the laptop is from '97...

I would be grateful for any help

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Computer appears dead

I've spent the last 3 weeks putting together a computer, bits from her, bits from there. Anyway, yesterday I had it all set up and running. It's only a 266 but it will do what I want it to do. I had 2000 on it. ran a little slow. So I decided to put 98 on it. but there was a BIOS password. the guy I got the board off of doesn't know what ...
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bios won't start

i switched cd-roms and when i turned it on i got some beeps every few seconds and bios never started and no hdd activity
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Hi all

Past upgrade bios form 1.1c to 1.1d , my motherboard dont recognize 128 and higer memory a must put memory (256) with 32 or 64 in to socket ( first socket 32 or 64 MB SDRAM) when i load defaults (setup or bios) and safe , reboot past update ESCD and DMI data i can normally get my 256 MB memory a lone I used Winflash 1.28 with bootblock programming and clear options ...
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dead bios?

I flashed my bios chip & now I can't even boot up. I saved my backup rom but how can I use it ?
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ASUS P2V rev.1.12 - BIOS Update problem :(


I have problem with ASUS P2V. Every flashing program displays BIOS Chip: UNKNOW or something like that. Only one version of AFLASH and UniFlash displays BIOS chip: Flash Protected or something like that. Problem is that, that there isn't any jumpers to disable this protection. There isn't any BIOS settings to disable this protection too. How I can flash this chip (SST39SF020)???

Sorry for my english.
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msi kt333 ultra aru

i flash my bios with the wrong bios using awardbios but the my mobo is amibios after flashing it my mobo beep and beeps but its has power, i try crtl+home but it does not work.....

kindly please help me with this one many thanks and more power to all
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With the drivers on ftp access, in the official site of Gericom for notebook Web Gine Advanced 1400 AMD Athlon
I USED the BIOS FLASH UTILITIES "" with this string command f82734.exe 341c2s.103 underd dos.
I used it because the VGA driver indicated for that model doesn't work with WINME.
But the result was The notebook FAILED to start !!!!!!!!!!
I allowed the procedures and the software told me to restart ...
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K7VTA3 problem II

I posted a message a couple of days ago to know more about my problem. I did what he told me to do ... the hot swapping thing and it works!! (with the old bios version that i had)
But now, my windows XP crash very badly ...
I tried these things :
- set optimized default in the bios
- set fail-safe default in the bios
- set by my own ... settings ...
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