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dead bios?

I flashed my bios chip & now I can't even boot up. I saved my backup rom but how can I use it ?
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ASUS P2V rev.1.12 - BIOS Update problem :(


I have problem with ASUS P2V. Every flashing program displays BIOS Chip: UNKNOW or something like that. Only one version of AFLASH and UniFlash displays BIOS chip: Flash Protected or something like that. Problem is that, that there isn't any jumpers to disable this protection. There isn't any BIOS settings to disable this protection too. How I can flash this chip (SST39SF020)???

Sorry for my english.
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msi kt333 ultra aru

i flash my bios with the wrong bios using awardbios but the my mobo is amibios after flashing it my mobo beep and beeps but its has power, i try crtl+home but it does not work.....

kindly please help me with this one many thanks and more power to all
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With the drivers on ftp access, in the official site of Gericom for notebook Web Gine Advanced 1400 AMD Athlon
I USED the BIOS FLASH UTILITIES "" with this string command f82734.exe 341c2s.103 underd dos.
I used it because the VGA driver indicated for that model doesn't work with WINME.
But the result was The notebook FAILED to start !!!!!!!!!!
I allowed the procedures and the software told me to restart ...
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K7VTA3 problem II

I posted a message a couple of days ago to know more about my problem. I did what he told me to do ... the hot swapping thing and it works!! (with the old bios version that i had)
But now, my windows XP crash very badly ...
I tried these things :
- set optimized default in the bios
- set fail-safe default in the bios
- set by my own ... settings ...
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Asus A7N8X Deluxe - AwardBios - Strange Beep Code !

i have had an Epox Mobo but one day it shut down and only sounded an endless loop of beeps ... i checked the ingredients of my computer one by one and had no idea but changing the Mobo...
now for the Asus...
all ran wonderful... but after one day it shut down like the Epox and only
sounds one (or three - cant recognize properly, because its like one tone and the other ...
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RAM being halved on MS-6389 (gateway board). Bios flashed..

I am running a Gateway motherboard (MSI 6389) with a VIA KM133 Chipset. The tech specs indicate support for 1GB of SDRAM. I purchased (2) 512MB DIMMS (PC133/100/66) from PNY and added them to the board. However, the bios was seeing Bank 0 at 512MB and Bank 1 at 256MB. I swapped them around with the same result. I mixed them up with some older 128MB DIMMS and it always saw one at 512 and ...

I forget my password

Hello every body

Please help me i have a notebook HP omni book 900 B And i forget my password please i need some one to help me to find the back door for my BIOS "phoenix".

Thank you all.
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Siemens Mobile 700 Bios recover

Hi all,

and yes, the nb (5 years, the last 2 in a 'deep sleeping mode') is dead. W95 without hardware errors.
After a flash with original ugbiosfe.exe the screen stay black, only a short floppy action (bootloader, 1s).

I've tried all well known names for the bios file, boot floppy
with autoexec.bat (ugbiosfe /s bios.bin - from the Siemens Hotline)
- no sucess.
Time is to short to read the image, floppy sounds like ...
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Lcds broken: need to change setups to use external crts

I have 2 notebooks with broken lcds, an Innova Book 10c and an Acrobat Campus-b. To the Innova I never discovered how to change setup in order to get recognition of the external monitor. The Acrobat was used till recently with an external one, but somehow bios messed up. Now I am "blind" in both computers. I do not know a) what brand are the bios; b) how to enter the Acrobat setup; c) how ...


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